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Sea-Salt: Preview

Extracts from the forthcoming ‘Sea Salt’ daily devotionals — a book by Dorinda.

Sea-Salt: Preview - Week 2, Day 1

Day 1: R for Ready for Action

Begin with a couple of minutes of stillness and silence, to let go of the things on your mind and to become aware of God’s presence.

READ: Ephesians 6:14 (GNB)

So stand ready, with truth as a belt tight around your waist, with righteousness as your breastplate

There are approximately 286 verses with ‘ready’ in them in the Bible. Many in the Old Testament refer to being ready for battle or ready to fight. The people lived in turbulent times and needed to be prepared to get ready and go off to fight and engage in battles.

In Ephesians Paul uses the imagery of a soldier wearing armour to encourage believers to stand firm and fight everything that the Devil throws at them. In The Message version of the Bible, Eugene Peterson emphasises that truth, righteousness, peace, faith and salvation are more than words and we need to learn how to apply them in our fight against evil. In some ways this is reminiscent of the story of David and Goliath. King Saul gave David armour to put on but he found it cumbersome, preferring instead to select five smooth stones and proclaiming that he was coming against Goliath in the name of the Lord, he selected a stone, put it in his sling and shot Goliath dead with it (1 Samuel 17).

While God’s word and prayer are essential and indispensable weapons in our fight, perhaps the concept of carrying the five stones of, truth, righteousness, peace, faith and salvation, in a small bag with us at all times and asking God to show us exactly which one to use and how to use it, in each battle we face, will enable us to fight, to stand our ground and to overcome.

Choose a word, phrase, or even the whole verse to silently ponder on. Reflect on your use of the weapons and ask God to increase your understanding and insight into their use.

PRAY the Lord’s Prayer

Carry your chosen word/phrase/verse into the day with you and repeat it at intervals during the day.

Make a note of the insights you gained from this verse in your journal.


Written by Dorinda Miller; © D Miller 2018. For full credits please see the site credits page

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