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Letters to Corinne

Daily Readings: Voice of Hope

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

Voice of Hope

Dear Corinne,

What a good idea to look at Lizzie’s copy of Jesus Calling, so you can get an idea of what it is like! How kind of her to offer to lend it to you. I started reading it again in December and will continue to do so in the New Year!

Today I want to tell you about about another free publication which is also available in a variety of formats – On air, In print and Online.

Voice of Hope is produced by Premier click here to request a free copy.

Originally each copy of Voice of Hope, contained 44 days of scripture readings written by Dr Micha Jazz and these form the basis of his weekly broadcasts on Premier Christian Radio. They are designed to provide you with insights into spiritual growth. However from January 2017, each edition of Voice of Hope will contain 65 daily readings.

The format is similar to UCB Word for Today, in that there is a Bible verse and then a short reading on the theme. There is also a Question relating to the reading which is designed to help you apply what you have read to yourself and your situation. Finally there is a brief Prayer which relates to the reading and the Question.

Like Word for Today, Voice of Hope also contains a brief letter from the Chief Executive, short articles, and stories/comment from people who have been impacted by Premier Radio’s programmes and resources. There is also a complete list of all the programmes which are broadcast by Premier Radio each week.

I was also introduced to this publication by my son’s Godmother as it is included in Christianity Today, a magazine to which she subscribes. She gave me a copy to read and having completed it, I requested my own copy via the Premier website. The readings are not dated, as they are in Word for Today. They are just called Day One, Day Two, etc. So you can start them at anytime!

I have found them helpful and I have particularly appreciated the way Dr Jazz has shared some of his own journey of faith in the daily readings.

I am not currently reading the Voice of Hope, but it is a publication that I use from time to time. For example, I have used it for Lent or Advent – since 40 days of readings fit with those seasons!

For busy people who are on the go, the online versions of these daily readings are useful for accessing on mobile devices, during commuting by public transport!

In the next letter we will look at Simon Guillebaud’s book Choose Life: 365 Readings for Radical Disciples.

with love,


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