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Sea Salt Spiritual Reflections

General Feedback

Audio Meditations

I have just listened to part one of the Russian dolls. It’s beautiful. Thank you so much. You have a rare gift.

Jackie Brett, Australia

Just did the ‘Sea’ Meditation. Feel SO blessed by it. Thank you.

 Betsie Prinsloo, Nottingham

Thanks Dorinda for your meditations, they are such a blessing and encouragement. Jesus often speaks to me in them, but as I went through ‘Heart’ this evening, His voice was so clear ‘the fruit is ripe for picking’.

Kat Regester, Nottingham

Just listened to ‘The Glassblower’, in a garden in Venice……perfect!

Julia Terry, Italy

I wanted to let you know that I am SO excited about the website, both for me personally and for so many people that I have urged to try these types of meditations. We did use the ‘Breakfast’ meditation with our small group, which was lovely. In fact, I may try them with my middle school kids, too. I will definitely be getting a subscription.

Stephanie Fosnight Regester Chicago, USA

I wanted to say how helpful I found the ‘Wellspring’ meditation.  It was hard initially to find my Wellspring  but since then I have been visiting often! It’s given me peace.

Caroline Seale, at Trent Vineyard Leaders Retreat, Nottingham

Many people comment on Dorinda’s voice, and how incredibly listenable it is. But this is only one part of the package. Her prayerful approach, from planning initial thoughts, through to the creative writing and the final delivery, means that these meditations carry a very strong sense of being inspired, and empowered by The Spirit.  I have been blessed so many times through meditations led by Dorinda — both in groups and listening to these audio meditations. They have had a profound affect on me, and played a significant role in my walk with God.

J Norridge, Nottingham

Blog Feedback

“I was doing research on things to do in England and just finished reading your wonderful blog post: keep up the great work!”

Janet Rogers, Melbourne, Australia

“I have been catching up with your Blogs. They are beautifully written and bring a sense of peace.”

V. Hayles, Radcliffe-on-Trent.

I am loving reading your weekly blog, it is so well written, clear and concise, warm and informative. A gift to all those who read it. I love the journey your are taking us on, sharing all the wisdom you have sought after and gained, after all these years of walking faithfully with God. Thank you for writing it, it is a legacy that will go on and on and is timeless wisdom. I am so thankful that you are writing.

Anna Robinson, Somerset

Reflections Feedback

Thank you for these reflections Dorinda…I am really enjoying them… So helpful.

Laura Helliwell, Nottingham

Great prompts, not what I was expecting for a Lent Series but helpful, Thank you.

Lizzie Lacey, Nottingham

We’ve been reading your Lent reflections, as we are seeking Jesus in this season and attempting to slow down for a while.  Thank you for your incredible wisdom and love that is crafted in this writing! Thank you for spending so much time with Jesus in order to give us this!

Graeme & Tracey Guthrie, Chester

Twitter Feedback

Time for tea with my mentor of 5 years! I miss her meditation group but am so glad I can listen @

@in2deeperwaters Thank you for amazing resources… Yesterday I hosted a quiet day with 6 ladies with your meditations to guide us (‘Broken‘ and ‘Ffald-y-Brenin‘)

Wonderful staff day on retreat enriched by @in2deeperwaters #soulcare #strengthinsilence  (‘The Glassblower‘ and ‘The Meal‘)

Facebook Feedback

Beautiful – would recommend ‘The Sea’ meditation. Thank you Dorinda, enjoyed the experience so much

Sarah Newman, Mapperley

Into Deeper Waters is a gift, created and written by a spiritual mentor and mother of mine, Dorinda Miller.  She is full of gentle insightful wisdom gained from years of experience and practice of resting in love, stillness and solitude.  I have often wanted to sit at her feet and just listen and learn and now through this blog I can do just that.  You can also download her incredible meditations from her website too.

A. Robinson, Bath

Video Testimonial

This video features Sharon’s explaining her experience with the meditations lead by Dorinda.



This video features Rachel explaining her experience with the meditations lead by Dorinda. The Elijah meditation was of particular significance, and has made a lasting impression.

This video features Lesley explaining her experience with the meditations lead by Dorinda. In particular she references the time she spent with the Twigs meditation.