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While there are many approaches to observing Lent and many topics which are considered during this season, this series takes a different route. It takes three topics for each of the letters of the word Lent and looks at: love, life, learn, everywhere, explain, expectations, now, new, nations, time, tenacity and treasure.

Lent 2. Life

How can we describe the journey of life?  It is often like a roller-coaster – it can be a challenging ride, it can be exhilarating or exasperating! It can be fast and frenetic, busy or boring, stressful or sedentary, or calm and peaceful.

Life is like an onion, as individuals we have many layers to our life and as we journey we often erect facades to defend or protect ourselves from the world around us.  We may be unaware of these and some of them may have their origin in events from our childhood.

We are going to consider our lives and the life of Jesus through a time-line activity. A time-line is way of presenting a variety of events in chronological order.

Begin by looking through the gospels and plotting on the time-line the key events in the life of Jesus.  For example his birth, presentation at the temple, visiting the temple when he was twelve, his baptism, events in his ministry, his trial crucifixion and resurrection.

Then draw your own time-line and plot the key events in your own life.  Begin with your birth and include events up to the present time.

Now reflect on the life of Jesus and on your own life as you see them plotted on the time-lines.  What strikes you about his life as compared to yours in terms of lifestyle, personal qualities and relationships?  What can you take from his example and apply to yourself?

End with a time of thanksgiving for God’s provision, protection and blessing on your life.

Written by Dorinda Miller; © D Miller 2014. For full credits please see the site credits page

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