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Gratitude Gruel

In the story of Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens, the young Oliver, who is poorly fed in the Workhouse where he lives, famously asks Mr Bumble the parish beadle, ‘Please Sir, I want some more.’ His request for more gruel, a thin porridge of oats and milk or water, causes uproar.

Hunger continues to be a persistent issue in many parts of the world today, even though the world does produce enough food to feed everyone. Natural disasters, poverty, famine, drought and conflicts/wars, are among the contributing factors to this inequality of food distribution.

In Mark 6:30-44, we read the account of Jesus feeding the 5,000.
As it was getting late in the day, the disciples suggest to Jesus that he send the people away so they can get food. Jesus tells them to feed the people, and they find five loaves and two fish and bring them to him. He gives thanks, breaks the loaves and the food is distributed to all present and they all had enough. Furthermore, twelve baskets of leftovers were collected.

Two significant themes in this account are giving and thanksgiving. The food was given to the disciples, who in turn gave it to Jesus, who with thanksgiving broke the loaves, and the food was given to the people.

Reflect on this account in Mark 6:30-44. Then pray for provision for those who are in need. Ask the Lord if there is any practical action he would have you take in this respect. Then close with thanksgiving for all that you have access to.

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