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Miscellaneous Meditations for Gate Beautiful Group

Gate Beautiful July 11th 2020

It seems so long since we were able to meet for Gate Beautiful!  Those of you who came in March, may remember we did a meditation on the Wilderness and paid attention to the terrain……………little did we know just how much the terrain of our lives was to change 9 days later!

Given that we do not yet know when we will be able to start meeting in person, I am sending you a stillness exercise and a short meditation to do in lieu of our 11th July meeting!

Stillness Exercise

I would like to invite you to begin with Fingers and Thumbs.

This is a short stillness exercise using your fingers and thumbs. First, on your right hand to let go of your current concerns. Followed by using the fingers and thumb on your left hand to recall things that you are thankful for. Then resting in the stillness as the music plays.

You can access it here:

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A door is defined as a moveable, usually solid barrier, used for opening and closing an entranceway. The door of a house provides a boundary between the inside of the property and the outside world.

I would like to invite you to get a piece of paper and to draw your front door in the middle of it……….no A level art skills required! It is just for you and the purposes of this meditation!

When you have drawn it, imagine that it is the boundary between your outer world and your inner world.

Then consider what are the things that you keep carefully inside, protected? Draw or write these on one side of the door.

On the other side of the door, draw or write the things that you “keep out”.

Are there some positive things on both sides of the page?

How has lockdown life impacted the things that you have written down?

With more restricted movement during lockdown are there things which you have discovered about yourself?

How has lockdown life impacted your faith?

Leave the thoughts, feelings, emotions and things that you have reflected on during this exercise with the Lord for the moment and move on to the photo of the door.

Look at this door carefully, notice as many details about the door and entrance as you can.

What thoughts or feelings or emotions surface as you look at this door?

Would you like to go inside and explore?   What do you think it would look like?

Would you prefer to stay outside?

Imagine sitting on the doorstep?  What can you see?  Is the street empty or are there passers by?

As you are sitting there you hear someone say your name.  You turn and find Jesus standing behind you.  He invites you into the house.  

  • Where does he take you?  
  • What does he say to you?  
  • How do you respond? 
  • Do you have any questions for him about your experiences over the past few months? 

You leave the house together and you linger outside for a few minutes before moving on.

When you have completed this meditation take time to journal your experience and thoughts and feelings.  When you have done so, pause and ask the Lord if there is anything else he wants to show you.

Close with a few minutes of thanksgiving and praise.

Written by Dorinda Miller; © D Miller 2020. For full credits please see the site credits page

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