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Miscellaneous “The Great Outdoors”

“Nature is fuel for the soul.” according to Richard Ryan (lead author of a study in the Journal of Environmental Psychology 2010).  He also commented that the study showed, that connecting with nature was a better way to feel energised, than having another cup of coffee!

God speaks through his creation, if only we will take the time out of our busy lifestyles and walk in the countryside! Today, take time to go outdoors! Go outside and look at the trees, flowers, shrubs, deer, the sea, river or lake, the sky and clouds, “The more we cultivate our awareness of creation, the more we become the creation we were meant to be!” Sister Renate Düllmann

  • Take time to simply ‘be’.
  • Take time to ‘look’ and ‘see’ what is all around you.
  • Take time to stop, to be still and to absorb the sights, smells, sounds of creation.
  • Listen to what the creator, wants to communicate to you through creation!

As you walk be aware of what attracts you or strikes you. If it is small, like a stone or a feather or a leaf, bring it back with you. If it is large perhaps take a photo of it on your phone. When you return home, take time to draw the item that attracted you/struck you……this is NOT an exercise in art, just an awareness exercise, a form of prayer. A way to slow down and be in touch with the experience.

When you have drawn your item consider the following:

  • What is it that you see as you look at your picture?
  • Which colours have you used? Have you applied them gently or vigorously?
  • What about spaces…have you filled the sheet? How do you feel about spaces?
  • Is there anything which the picture might reveal to you?
  • How do you feel at the moment? Restful? Mindful?
  • The picture may reveal more to you later…. so, return to it again later on!

Finally, take time to record your experience/reflections in your Journal

Reference: Sister Renate Düllmann, notes from a retreat at St Beuno’s

Written by Dorinda Miller; © D Miller 2016. For full credits please see the site credits page