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Journey to Pentecost

With Easter behind us these weekly reflections continue the journey started in Lent and travel on to Pentecost.

Journey to Pentecost - The Way of Promise

When you hear the word promise, what thoughts…feelings…memories….images come to your mind?

Keep a promise…hold a promise…empty promise…go back on a promise…a lot of promise…promise the moon…a lick and a promise…a breach of promise.  There are many phrases we could list concerning promises.

As you think about the word promise in the silence, bring to mind a time you made a promise.

  • What were the circumstances.
  • Who was it made to.
  • What was the outcome.

Now think of a time when someone made a promise to you.

  • What were the circumstances.
  • Who made it to you.
  • What was the outcome.

As we have journeyed through life, our experience of promises being made and kept, by those around us is likely to have been mixed.  

In contrast to the promises of God which are steadfast, true and everlasting!

The Bible is full of God’s promises. These demonstrate his faithfulness, provision, protection and his care and concern for each of us. You can find a summary of some of them here

I would like to invite you now, to imagine that Jesus is standing in front of you.  He has one hand behind his back, but in the other he is holding a bowl.  

He invites you to place in the bowl, the people/situations where you have experienced empty promises…broken promises.

Take your time and place them in the bowl one by one.

When you have finished Jesus puts the bowl down and extends his other hand to you.  In it he has an envelope. 

He invites you to take it.  To open it. 

To read what he has written on it for you.

  • What does it say?
  • How do you respond?
  • What does he say to you?
  • What do you say to him?

Rest in his presence for a few moments.

Before he leaves he asks…

What do you want me to do for you in this season of your life?

Take time to tell him the desires of your heart.

He lays his hand on your head and blesses you and then leaves.

You might like to record your experience of this reflection in your journal

Written by Dorinda Miller; © D Miller 2020. For full credits please see the site credits page

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