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Looking at the Heart

This series looks at some of the instructions and promises concerning our hearts that are found in the Bible.

Looking at the Heart Treasure

Luke 12:29-34

For where your treasure is there your heart will be also (vs34)

This verse comes at the end of the section in Luke 12 where Jesus is telling his disciples not to ‘worry about your life, what to eat; or your body what to wear.’ He gives ravens and lilies as examples from creation, to show that God provides and that he will provide for them too, if they seek his kingdom. Jesus wants his disciples to be free from worry and from being overly concerned with everyday needs, so that they can enter freely into the life of the kingdom.

In our consumer orientated society which is concerned with ‘having’ and ‘getting’ (more goods/possessions) the call to be generous and to give to the poor continues to be counter cultural.

What is our ‘treasure’? There will be many variations of this and the emphasis will no doubt change over time and with circumstances. Think for a moment of how you would define your ‘treasure’ today and consider, if it is, in anyway, impacting your life in the kingdom. Then seek the Lord’s perspective for you in this area and pray for his wisdom and guidance as you endeavour to deposit ‘treasure in heaven.’

On a practical note I myself have been deeply impacted by friends who have, occasionally, chosen to give me, as a gift an item that they have dearly treasured and wanted to hold on to. Yet they have felt prompted to give it away. In doing so, they have experienced a real sense of freedom, from the hold of possessions.

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