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Testimonial Endorsement

Friday, November 4th, 2016

Debby Wright: Testimonial (full)

“In these days of increased complex and busy lives, cluttered with messaging, sound, media and digital interruptions, we need help finding stillness and peace.

The words of these meditations combined with Dorinda’s voice will draw you gently into God’s presence. There you will encounter Jesus and be drawn by his Spirit, into deeper intimacy with Him.

These meditations have been tried and tested over many years. They have proven to be a life changing resource to many people in the life of our church.

I remember listening to ‘Broken’, I was so overcome with God’s love and the sense of his Holy Spirit, I found myself unable to move, I just wanted to stay, holding on to Jesus, loving him and expressing a deep sense of gratitude. The residue of that experience has been a lasting one.”

Debby Wright, Founding Pastor, Trent Vineyard
National Director of Vineyard Churches UK & Ireland

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