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Facing the Challenge

The ‘Facing the Challenge’ series is a reflection on 2 Chronicles 20:1-30, under the headings of priority, prayer, prophecy, praise and plunder. How can considering this passage equip us for the challenges that life presents?

Facing the Challenge - Prophecy

Prophecy – 2 Chronicles 20: 14 -17

As all the people waited on God, the Spirit of the Lord fell on Jahaziel, and he spoke God’s words to the assembly, which provided the people with encouragement and clear directions about what to do, where to go and what to expect.

Read verses 14 – 17 and reflect on them.  Imagine the scene, the vast assembly, the sense of urgency and expectancy. Watch Jahaziel as he speaks, how do you feel as you hear his words?  How do you want to respond to them?  Join in the worship and praise. Ask God for wisdom and guidance on any challenge that you are currently facing.

Sometimes we receive clear instructions from God, on how to navigate our challenges and yet at other times, the guidance seems to come, bit by bit as we continue to put our hand in his and keep walking in faith.

In terms of the deportation challenge (the story starts at the beginning of this series), after the initial encouragement of the verses in Exodus 14, we continued to receive at intervals encouragement to stand firm, and wait for God to resolve the situation.  One particular day I had a strong sense that I should pray that one of our Asian friends, who knew about the challenge we were facing, would have dinner with his uncle. So I prayed that he would. When my husband came home he asked me to guess, who this friend was having dinner with that evening and I replied, his uncle. My husband was surprised and asked if I knew who his uncle was?  I had no idea. He told me that the uncle was a very senior government minister!

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