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Miscellaneous WHAT IS THE SOUND OF SILENCE? and do I really need to hear it?!

What it is/isn’t

While the word silence may conjure up notions of total absence of noise/sound, the reality is that total silence is not something that we experience in our daily lives. In fact, true silence does not exist! We can only come close to it, in an anechoic chamber – a specially built sound proofed room.

The closest we will probably come to total silence is outdoors in an empty field or desert on a completely still day! The rest of the time we can usually hear some degree of background noise, if we stop and take the time to listen.

So, if the sound of silence does not exist in the world in which we live, do we really need to stop and be still and to enter into the silence at the depths of our being?

Silence friend or foe?

Many people find that the current speed and pace of life, leaves them little or no time for quiet thought or silent reflection. Juggling roles and responsibilities, engaging with the demands of social media, life can be akin to that of a hamster on a wheel and just keeps going on and on!

Taking time out to stop and be still can seem like a luxury, with the added pressure that time spent away from the daily demands, means that there will be more to do when we return!

Yet in the midst of the demands and pressures of our current pace of life there has, in recent years, been a significant move towards taking time to stop and be still and to explore this aspect of life and the benefits which it brings. Meditation, mindfulness, and retreats are increasing in popularity both within the secular world and faith communities.


Centuries ago the writer of Lamentations advised:

“When life is heavy and hard to take, go off by yourself. Enter silence. Bow in prayer. Don’t ask questions:Wait for hope to appear.” Lamentations 3:28-29 The Message.

Becoming familiar with how to enter into silence takes time, patience and perseverance………….the rewards can be deep and lasting. It is said that to slow down enables you to speed up! 

Will you embark on the journey? Continue on the journey? Resume the journey?

Written by Dorinda Miller; © D Miller 2017. For full credits please see the site credits page

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