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Letters to Corinne

Sea-Salt: Spiritual Reflections for a Contemplative Journey: Sea-Salt Story Part 4

Saturday, June 22nd, 2019

Sea-Salt Story Part 4

Dear Corinne,

This is just a quick note, to thank you for your feedback on the 6 day trial of Sea-Salt. I am thrilled to hear of your experience and delighted that you are wanting to continue the Sea-Salt Journey. You can sign up here!

You asked how I came to decide on the cost of the subscription. That is a very pertinent question! I shall endeavour to explain.

You may recall that when I set up the website, I used the concept of a cafe as follows:

  • Using the concept of a coffee shop where you can have a small, medium or large cup of coffee, the resources are presented in three sections – depending on how much time is available to you!
  • The ‘small cup’ section contains short audio meditations which last approximately ten minutes.
  • The ‘medium cup’ section contains audio meditations which last approximately twenty to twenty five minutes.
  • These meditations are pre-recorded, so you can just sit down and listen!
  • The ‘large cup’ section contains material which has previously been published in Quiet Spaces, (a Bible Reading Fellowship Publication. and can be used daily over a two week period or used as a basis for an extended time of quiet reflection.

There is as you know a small charge for the meditations, but the written material is free of charge.

I am aware that there are many organisations which provide, not only written resources, but also audio meditations, at no cost to the consumer! Personally that is my preference too! But I am a sole trader, without the financial backing of a large organisation behind me, and there are costs involved in producing the meditations and keeping the website up and running!

Looking at how others have approached this topic, I know that Brian Draper  who writes 20 Reflections for Advent and 40 Reflections for Lent suggests donations of £10 and £20 respectively. Secular organisations, for example HeadSpace, have a monthly subscription for £9.99pcm.

The 6 month subscription, for The Sea Salt Journey, includes 26 audio meditations (counting the one in the free trial!). If you were to purchase these individually the total cost would be over £70!! So having considered these points I decided to suggest donations of £10 or £20 or more if people choose!!

However, now that I have completed the Sea Salt Journey, I have moved to a monthly donation of £5 or £10. You can sign up here.

I will close with another quote I saw recently. It comes from Sadar Sundar Singh:

“There are many beautiful things in the world around us, but pearls can only be discovered in the depths of the sea; if we wish to posses spiritual pearls we must plunge into the depths, that is, we must pray, we must sink down into the secret depths of contemplation and prayer. Then we shall perceive precious pearls.”

So, I invite and encourage you Corinne, to take the plunge into the depths with The Sea Salt Journey and I pray that you will find spiritual pearls in the deeper waters of Sea Salt!

Let me know how you get on.

with love,

Written by Dorinda Miller; © D Miller 2019. For full credits please see the site credits page
This letter is from the series: 'Sea-Salt: Spiritual Reflections for a Contemplative Journey'